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Firearms Nation Podcast

Oct 18, 2019

Bob Vogel is one of the best shooters in the country. Not only has he earned World Championships, but he was also a police officer for many years and a SWAT team member.

Bob currently teaches full time all over the world and competes at a ton of major matches in USPSA and IPSC. This interview comes from the 2018...

Oct 13, 2019

Mike Wood is the son of a 30 year veteran of California Highway Patrol and Mike wrote the book “Newhall Shooting-A Tactical Analysis”. This book breaks down the horrific shooting of four CHP officers and what was learned. Mike also is a firearms instructor and columnist for His column is called...

Oct 4, 2019

John Currie is the everyman reviewer over at, a gun and gear related blog. John also works as the Social Media Director so basically, he plays with guns and then posts it up on Facebook!

Pew Pew Tactical has a ton of info from gun reviews to “how-to” guides on how to conceal carry for women....