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Firearms Nation Podcast

Nov 30, 2018

The 2018 Shooter’s Summit is underway and last week I gave you two short interview teasers to get you interested.  Well today, I’m upping my game.  Here is a full interview from the Summit with World Champion, Elias Frangoulis.

Elias came from a soccer background and a devotion not only to practice but to God.  Elias quickly rose up to the level of Grandmaster in USPSA and went on to win the World Championship this past year in the Classic Division.

The 2018 Shooter’s Summit brings 18 of the top level Grandmaster shooters to share their backgrounds and tactics to help you make GM.  The Summit started on Nov. 25th and will run until Dec. 1st..which is almost here.  So how can you still see the Summit?

Purchase the All Access Pass for only $19.95 and you get 18 hours of interviews, a podcast version of the Summit and special drills to download that each speaker brought to the Summit.  Don’t wait and ACT NOW.  The price will go up to $24.95 come Dec. 2nd.

Go to:

And get your pass today!