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Firearms Nation Podcast

May 18, 2020

Pat McNamara served over 22 years in special operations and worked in the Unit. Like so many of the top tier cadre, they focused heavily on the fundamentals of marksmanship followed up with major doses of competition.

Pat is a highly motivated individual who inspires thousands of Instagram fans with his Sentinel Sermons and Basic Dude Skills clips. Pat has a podcast, The School of Badassery, and has written two books and an e-book (along with writing in several magazines.)

Pat teaches both firearms and his Combat Strength Training full time and recently launched his online training site (linked below.).

Links mentioned in the episode:

Pat’s website TMACS inc.

Combat Strength Training

Pat’s Online Coaching

Pat’s book “T.A.P.S. Tactical Application of Practical Shooting”

PewPew Tactical’s article on “The Ammo Equation”