Adam Haidary is a former police training sergeant and spent seven years in law enforcement.  One of the things he realized, was that police officers often had a hard time dealing with combative subjects and weren’t really trained on how to do it.  Old-style control techniques that were not pressure tested, would fail and the situation could easily escalate to deadly force.  Adam created Effective Fitness Training and Effective Fitness Combatives to solve these issues.  The programs utilize Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the use of a firearm as well as various fitness challenges to keep officers in shape.  His company works with police departments around the nation and he has a solid cadre of instructors.

Adam also has a massive Instagram page called Police Posts This page is filled with body cam footage and other videos that show critical incidents (from fights to shootings) that are debriefed.  The purpose is not to draw criticism of the officer’s actions but to have an open training dialogue about how the incident could have gone better and lessons learned.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

–How Adam started his programs after seeing the problems in police training.

–Why BJJ is a great tool for law enforcement and why all officers should train.

–What is the number one killer of police officers.

Links mentioned in the episode:

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