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Firearms Nation Podcast

Oct 3, 2023

It's been four years since this episode came out and I wanted to share it again.  As a young officer I remember when this shooting happened and was always amazed at how well Jennifer handled herself and won a gunfight with multiple suspects.  Lots of great lessons learned for officers and well as anyone who carry a gun for self defense.

Jennifer Fulford was a deputy sheriff back in 2004 when she went to a suspicious incident call. A child on the phone was stating strange men were in the house and on arrival she met up with the female homeowner who was acting strange. It turned out three men were inside committing an armed home invasion.

Jennifer got into a gunfight with two of the men and despite being shot multiple times, she was able to take out both suspects. The third suspect gave up.

Jennifer went on to have a career in law enforcement and now talks to other officers on how to survive critical events.

Links mentioned: Article by Dean Scoville in Police Magazine