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Firearms Nation Podcast

Nov 23, 2018

This episode is a teaser for the 2018 Shooter's Summit.  For the past two years I've created a Shooter's Summit where I interview a group of firearms instructors to discuss various topics.  This year I decided to go very specific in the topic and we are talking about Making Grandmaster.  

In USPSA, there are over 30,000 competitors and the top 5% are in the Grandmaster classification.  A lot of people want to make it to that level, but for whatever reason, find it difficult and think that it's an impossible task.  

This year's Summit proves that anyone can make GM and through the interviews I get actionable ideas that sets competitors down the path.

The Shooter's Summit is a free to watch from Nov. 25h through Dec. 1st.  In order to watch the Summit you must register first at and you'll get the email with instructions on how to watch it online.

For today's podcast I'm sharing clips from two of the Summit interviews.  Casey Reed and Bob Vogel.  Casey is a GM in Production and has not been shooting that long but is dominating his division.  Bob is a world champion and has shot for a long time.  He was a former police officer in Ohio and now is a full time firearms instructor.

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