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Firearms Nation Podcast

Jul 21, 2020

I was happy to bring back on the show Christian Sailer who has gone ahead and become a National Champion since the last time we spoke. Christian is still in college but has switched guns and shooting teams and now shoots for Team Infinity.

Christian is now also a firearms instructor and teaches mostly on the West Coast....

Jul 13, 2020

Brian Conley has been working in the vision care world for a very long time. During his tenure, Brian figured out what sunglasses worked well for hunting. A side effect of those glasses was that they worked extremely well for competitive shooting. All types of competitive shooting, pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

Hunters HD...

Jul 6, 2020

Keith Garcia is one of the top 3-Gun competitors. He won the 3-Nation Championship back in 2014 and took home over $55k for his trouble. That kind of pressure is hard to overlook. Even today, Keith works hard at competing in 3-Gun although the sport has seen its share of problems.

Keith just released his 4 hour full...